Urgent Diary Entry

Oct 21st 2014

Dear Diary,

My name is Arthur Benjamin. I have never met you before but I feel we need to be urgently acquainted.

Yesterday was a very strange day to say the least! It all started off in its usual mundane way, stroll along the beach at dawn, Jammies for breakfast, and then up to Harry’s place for a look around. This I realise now was the start of my present predicament. I couldn’t find an old ships compass so feeling sorry for me, Harry sold me an egg timer. ‘What’s so strange about that?’ You may ask, you may indeed, for this is no ordinary egg timer. It flashes like a firework and seems to get heavier and then lighter all at once when you hold it. By the way it, would make an absolutely rotten egg timer too as the ‘sand’ invariably keeps getting stuck. Don’t ask me how but I know that this egg timer has got something to do with what happened to me later.(I must not run away with myself no matter how upsetting this is, as I don’t want to leave her alone in my kitchen too long!)

After the usual unproductive attempt at writing my book, I fell asleep. Or at least I thought I did, as when I ‘awoke’ I found myself in complete and  utter darkness. It was only when she opened the door and the light from her candle seeped in that I could see I was sitting at the table of some weird looking antiquely furnished dining room. I didn’t have too much time to look around though because the girl came and sat at the table and started asking me the most ridiculous questions about letters and had I come to rescue her. As we all know that ‘knights in shining armour’ only exists in dreams. So I explained to her that it was quite obvious that we were both dreaming, and if she would just shut up we could both go back to sleep in our dreams and then wake up where we were supposed to. Do you know what she said to me? That I was VERY RUDE FOR A DREAM. I mean our dreams are our own, aren’t they?

Anyway the reason for me confiding in you at last, is that when I did wake up at home, as usual in my proper place in my bedroom, she was still there, lying on the floor at the side of my bed. I mean I REALLY don’t need this in my life right now, I PREFER TO BE ALONE! I don’t care who she thinks, or says she is. I need to sign off now, I left her in my kitchen downstairs and I don’t want her running of with the last pieces of my Grandmothers Royal Albert!

Hope I don’t need to confide again.

In tightening trepidation

Arthur Benjamin (Character from the book Time for Tanechka)